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A small yet hardy press

Definition of perennial


Hardy Perennial Press is a diminutive press founded in Tucson in 2017. Our original purpose was to publish the work of descendants (and significant others of descendants) of Don and Marjorie Rose. We are not currently taking on any new authors at this time. CEO Owen Rose is a grandson of Don Rose. His father, Frank Rose, is one of Don’s twelve children. Don F. Rose wrote columns for Philadelphia newspapers The Sunday Public Ledger and the Philadelphia Bulletin and published 8 books, one of which is Hardy Perennial from 1937. Hardy Perennial Press sounded like a nice tribute to my ancestor and the word perennial has a definition of lasting more than three years, which seems encouraging.

We are a print-on-demand publishing company, which means that all of our books are available on Amazon and other major online book sellers. Bookstores and libraries can also order our books from the Ingram company. All of the book formatting and graphics are done in house, which explains why they look the way they do. The subject matter ranges from non-fiction, botany, travel to humor and art.